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Conveyor Belt Splicing

We offer both Hot Vulcanisation and Cold Vulcanisation of belts. We have highly skilled service team stationed at various locations around the country. We have our own in-house splicing chemicals and vulcanizing presses. The services include jointing of Fabric as well as Steel Cord Beltings (upto ST4000).

In-Situ Pulley Lagging

WEI offers Lagging of Conveyor Belt Pulleys by Cold Vulcanizing method. The lagging sheets are manufactured to provide unique surface texture, good abrasion properties with superior traction and are made in different thicknesses and grades of rubber depending upon the application.

Cold vulcanizing is done without removing the Pulley from the conveyor structure thus, reducing the installation cost and downtime using in-house cold vulcanizing cements and rubber sheets.

Conveyor Belt Laying
We undertake laying of all types of conveyor belts with the help of our well trained and experienced technical team, using state-of-the-art equipments.
Belt Laying being carried out at one of our site Conveyor Belt Roll placed on stand for laying
Conveyor Belt Laying work in progress Conveyor Belt Laying work in progress
Laying and Vulcanizing of 1800mm wide Steel Cord Belt at Essar Power, Mahan, Singrauli, MP, India
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