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Electrical Repairs & Rewinding

The shop is well equipped for undertaking Repair / Rewinding of HT / LT motor and Transformers with a team of qualified and well experienced personnel with high degree of expertise & skill. It is lead by professionals who have worked with OEM's like GENERAL ELECTRIC etc. The group is geared up to execute challenging jobs in the above field to cater the Large capacity Electrical Equipments of Power Plants, Coalfields, Paper Mills, Steel & Cements Industry etc.

  Rewinding of motors & transformers (HT/LT), Insulation Class F&H.
  Rotor rewinding of Slip ring motors.
  DC motor rewinding main pole / commutator pole and armatures.
  Dynamic Balancing of rotors, armatures, impellers, fans, rollers etc.
  Shaft replacement of rotors and armatures.
  Commutator repairs / replacement.
  HT coil manufacturing and supply.
  Over hauling of electrical machines.
  Core / laminations, restaggering or replacement.
  Rotor caging or bar replacement.
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