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Quality Control
We are continuously engaged in R&D to develop and deliver superior compounds that give higher mileage to our customers. We constantly engage in testing of these compounds in the field to ensure that our customers get a product that gives superior performance.
We have stringent controls for physical, chemical and mechanical properties and these are enforced at every stage of production. We have a well equipped laboratory capable of carrying out tests as per international test standards. Below is the list of Tests performed at our works:
  Polymer Identification test.
  Incoming Chemicals Testing.
  Rheometer testing for Curing Characteristics of Rubber.
  Hardness Test for testing compound hardness.
  Specific Gravity test.
  Tensile test for tensile strength of compound.
  Elongation at Break test for elongation properties of compound.
  Abrasion testing for checking abrasion properties of Compound.
  Ageing Test for ageing characteristics of compound.
  Flex test for checking flexing properties of compound.
  Ash Content test.
  Viscosity Test for Vulcanising Cement.
  Total Solid Content Test for Vulcanising Cement.
  Templates are also being used for checking buffing and building patterns of tread
  Toxicity Index Tester
  Critical Oxygen Index Tester
  Smoke visibility tester
  Compression Set (upto -30 Deg. C)
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